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2015. 1. 9. 03:48

how to completly disassemble the electronic cigarette catomizer (justfog 1453 overhaul and cleaning) ??

As a electronic cigarette user, manavement of catomizer is very important issue. 

Especially, sanitation of catomizer is connected directly with health problem.

So, it is hard to overemphasize maintenance of catomizer.

in last posting, i show how to disassemble and cleaning e-cigarette catomizer. (JUSTFOG corp. ultimate 1453 catomizer)


In this posting, I'll give a detailed account about how to complete overhaul of e-cigarette ultimate 1453 catomizer.



Before start this posting, there is 3 precautions.


1. This complete overhaul process can bring some malfunction of catomizer and responsibility lies with you.

2. Silicon packing surrounding the catomizer electrode rod can be tear very easily and you have to very careful when you disassemble this part.

3. even if low concentrate nicotine e-juice, it can cause skin trouble when you exposed. So before the disassemble process, rinse the catomizer in warm water to remove e-juice.


Now, let's see the picture to understanding how to disassemble the 1453 catomizer.

Catomizer is JUSTFOG Corp. ultimate 1453 catomizer and Ameriquid Corp. N6 black battery

My DIYDO 1100mA ego 510 battery has been broken because inside wire broken by drop.

So, Ameriquid N6 battery is became my main battery.

this battery's max current capacity is 650mA and I always feel inconvenience

Now let's comeback in posting subject.

Generally, almost users are cleaning in this disassembly level.

But, red mark in this photo part (cartomizer electrode) is very hard to cleaning without complete disassembly.

To remove catomizer electrode, it's better use the thin rod or screwdrivers.

I was used a flat head screwdriver.

Press hard top of cartomizer electrode using screwdriver.

This work can be need some heavy strength, but very hard pressure can cause silicon packing's tear.

Just gently press.

when you feel fall out of electrode in your hand, invert catomizer and pull up the electrode using tweezers or pliers.

And you can see the white silicon packing inside of catomizer body. (red mark)

Remove this silicon packing is not recommend because this can be tear very easy.

And this is removed catomizer electrode.

I cleaned this electrode before 2 month, but it has been contaminated seriously.

To cleaning the catomizer components, I was put in 70% ethanol and shaked bottle.

but contaminants was not removed completely.

To detailed analyze what is this contaminates, need composition analysis. but as a result scratching this contamintes using knife and in my guess this might be nikel stain.

because after scratched electrode copper color was observed and contaminates was green and combined very hardly at electrode surface

But this is just individual assumption, do not believe blindly.

And now we have to assemble the cleaned cartomize parts.

Always says, assembly is in reverse order disassembly.

Push the electrode at bottom of catomizer body,

I was used a flat head screwdriver when assemble this parts.

Red mark on photo, spring is inserted to prevent contact failure problems.

So when put electrode in catomizer body, careful needs.

And we have finish the e-cigarette ovahoul and cleaning.

For the operation test after assemble, I equiped rebuiled e-cigarette coil and applied electric current.

It seems perfectly assembled!!

 And insert e-juice and enjoy.

---------------- overhaul result -----------------

there was performance increase in taste and vapoure amount about 10%.

But do not forget main purpose of this work was overemphasize maintenance of catomizer.

This posting has written by b2ar's very poor english.

if U need any help, make a comment or send me a e-mail in my profile photo.

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